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What is ERIP?

The Eastern Region Immigration Partnership (ERIP) is a multi-sector partnership designed to improve the integration of immigrants and newcomers in Steinbach and Manitoba’s eastern region and to strengthen the city’s ability to better address the needs of newcomers.

ERIP is essentially a Local Immigration Partnership (LIP), a community-based partnership that:

Foster a systematic approach to engage service provider organizations and institutions to integrate newcomers and immigrants.
Support community-level research and strategic planning.
Improve coordination of effective services to create a more accessible system that facilitates newcomer and immigrant settlement and integration


The Eastman region is recognized as a welcoming, inclusive, and well-connected community in which everyone finds support and feels accepted to achieve their full pot.


To foster a welcoming culture in local communities within the Eastman region and build strong partnerships to promote the integration of newcomers.

How We Work

ERIP is organized as shown by the chart below:

Partnership Council

The Eastern Region Immigration Partnership Council (ERIP Council) is the strategic planning body composed of stakeholders who represent employers, businesses, labour, education, social services, various levels of governments, faith-based groups, ethno-cultural associations, community leaders and community organizations that serve newcomers.

The ERIP Council will ensure that multiple stakeholders participate in planning and coordinating services to enhance delivery of integration services to all immigrants.

The ERIP Council will develop and implement strategies to facilitate increased access to all services, and assist non – settlement service providers and the community to develop a greater understanding of immigrants’ needs and available services in order to foster more welcoming and inclusive communities.

The members of ERIP Council represent the following organizations:

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Immigrant Advisory Table

The ERIP Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) will provide first-hand experience and insight on living as an immigrant in Steinbach and the Eastman region. This expertise will be used to inform and support strategic and action planning by the ERIP Council, working groups, and ERIP staff.

The ERIP IAT will be composed of approximately 10 members per year, as determined through a selection process based on ethnocultural representation, backgrounds, and experiences.

Working Groups

Working Group members will act as subject matter experts that contribute to the design and implementation of activities in support of the priorities of the strategic plan, as defined by the ERIP Council, support community engagement and outreach, and identify activities that support the achievement of identified outcomes.

The ERIP Council will identify organizational representatives to invite to the working group in addition to a public call for members.

ERIP currently has Working Groups for the following:


Who We Are

Funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), ERIP is a community-based coalition that is formed by many people engaged in partnership. Its purpose is to engage all municipalities that are part of Eastern Manitoba in the Welcoming Communities initiative. If you live/work in the Eastern Manitoba region and would like to get involved with ERIP, click here to send us a message. ERIP would love to hear from you

About the Program Coordinator

Kris Ontong immigrated to Canada in 2010 with his wife, Peegy. Settling in Steinbach, Manitoba, he became an active member of the local community, taking on the role of President of the Southeast Manitoba Filipino Association from 2017 to 2019.

Our Focus Areas


Education is an essential piece of every person's life. This can be very challenging if someone comes from a different country to Canada.


Finding work is the main priority for many newcomers. Getting a job that matches their qualifications and interests is one of the biggest challenges of settling in Canada. For many people, the first job in Canada may not be the most satisfying. It may take time to build someone's qualifications and gain Canadian experience before finding the job they really want.

ERIP - Download Employment Survey Report

Social Services

Under ERIP's Strategic Plan, Social Services was subdivided into 3 main areas: Health, Housing, and Welcoming Events.


Housing Review in Eastman Region

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Reconciliation Information for Newcomers

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Attracting and Retaining Immigrants

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