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Finding work is the main priority for many newcomers. Getting a job that matches their qualifications and interests is one of the biggest challenges of settling in Canada. For many people, the first job in Canada may not be the most satisfying. It may take time to build someone's qualifications and gain Canadian experience before finding the job they really want. 

Ensuring Canada as the destination of choice for international talent – workers, entrepreneurs, and students – is key to our national success. It’s important to understand the economic advantages of immigrants and their contributions to culture and communities.

Once newcomers arrive in Canada, there needs to be better recognition of credentials and bridging to their professions or trades. Employment is critical not just to the economic well-being of newcomers but also to their sense of belonging and mental health. We need to focus on challenging current barriers to entry for professionals and people in the skilled trades.

Based on this, ERIP has been constantly creating opportunities for local businesses to partner to enhance strategies to attract, manage and retain such a diverse workforce. 

In November 2021, we interviewed 35 companies in the region, as well as newcomer workers to find the biggest challenges both groups face when it comes to employment. To access the results of this study, you can download the full report below. 

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Employment Survey Report

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