Under ERIP's Strategic Plan, Social Services was subdivided into 3 main areas: Health, Housing, and Welcoming Events. 

Southern Health-Sante Sud, is the regional health authority for Eastern Manitoba. It is represented on ERIP's council and is actively engaged with our initiatives regarding health resources, health equity, awareness increase, service gaps, mental health, healthy living initiatives, and more. 


ERIP recognizes the importance of housing affordability for newcomer individuals and families. In collaboration with stakeholders with expertise in this sector, we are finalizing a study that will highlight the housing challenges in the region, and why understanding this, is essential to develop strategies for attraction and retention of newcomer residents. For more resources on this topic, please access the resources tab. 


The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities initiative was developed by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) to support large and small centres across the country in developing ways to create a more open and friendly environment for newcomer residents. In rural communities, where ERIP is established, municipalities, town councils, and community development corporations have a great responsibility in making the settlement process a better experience for newcomers. ERIP has been developing partnerships across the Eastman region and is ready to support local immigration strategies in collaboration with the provincial government. 

Welcoming Events
Health Initiatives
Affordable Housing
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